There were 15 members of the House of Representatives (MHR) on board – that’s 30% of the Lower House – and 4 Members of the Legislative Council (MLC). Within that group of 19 were the Premier (Prime Minister), Colonial Treasurer (Minister of Finance), Postmaster General, Attorney General, Chief Justice of New Zealand, the Superintendent of Auckland Province, and the President and two directors of the Bank of New Zealand.

Those passengers who stayed at John Moore’s homestead left their autographs on a piece of paper (below), which is still in the possession of descendants


They are; William Fox (Colonial Secretary and Premier), Reader Wood (Colonial Treasurer), his wife Mary J Wood, their young son Tom Wood, Henry Sewell (Attorney General), Mary O’Neill, Martha Emmerson, Caroline Hamel, Robert Stokes (MLC), W.D. Inverarity, George Alfred Arney (Chief Justice), Sarah Fox (William’s wife), and Cecilia O’Rorke (wife of Maurice, MHR, who camped at the beach). A steerage passenger, Mrs or Miss Sharp, probably stayed at the homestead too but, for some reason, was unable to sign.

The following list was compiled from the Southern Cross of 25th June 1862, the Hawke’s Bay Herald of 1st July and 9th August, and Kelly’s report in the Southern Cross of 14th July. There is additional biographical information on many of the passengers in the book, drawn from various sources, but if anyone has anything to add, please get in touch.

Arney, George Alfred (1810-1883) Chief Justice of N.Z.
Butler, Capt. William (1814-75) MHR for Mangonui.
Carleton, Hugh Francis (1810-90) MHR Bay of Islands.
Cotterill, Mr. Probably H.J. Passenger from Napier.
Crawford, J.H. Passenger from Auckland.
Curnin, John (c. 1831-1904) Clerk to the Legislative Council.
Duncan, Richard John (1823-94) MPC Wellington City.
Emmerson, Martha.
Fox, Sarah (d. 1892) Wife of William Fox.
Fox, William (1812-93) Premier and Colonial Sec. of N.Z.
Gisborne, William (1825-98) Under Secretary to the Colonial Secretary’s Office.
Graham, George (1812-1901) MHR for Newton.
Graham, Robert (1820-85) MHR for Franklin.
Green, John.
Hamel, Mr.
Hamel, Mrs Caroline.
Harman, Captain. Probably Ramsey (1838-1915) 2nd Batt. 14th Regiment.
Hunter, W.M. Possibly William Magee (1833-68) Assistant Clerk to the Auckland Provincial Council.
Inverarity, Captain William David (1832-?) of Dunedin.
James, Mr.
Kelly, J. Reporter for the Southern Cross.
Knight, Dr. Charles (1808-91) Auditor General.
McMichael, Mr. A passenger for Dunedin.
McKain, Mr. A passenger from Napier.
Mason, William (1810-97) MHR for Pensioner Settlements.
Mayne, Captain Edward. Sergeant-at-Arms, House of Representatives.
Munro, John (d. 1879) MHR for Marsden.
Nixon, Lt. Col. Marmaduke George (1814-64) MHR for Franklin.
Northwood, Mr. Probably James Henry (d. 1908).
O’Neill, James (1819-82) MHR for Northern Division, MPC for Auckland West.
O’Neill, Miss Mary.
O’Rorke, Cecilia Mary (d. 1910) wife of George Maurice O’Rorke.
O’Rorke, George Maurice (1830-1916) MHR for Onehunga.
Russell, Lt. Col. Andrew Hamilton (1812-1900) MLC.
Russell, Thomas (1830-1904) MHR for Auckland City East.
Sewell, Henry (1807-79) Attorney General. MLC.
Sharp, Mrs. or Miss. A steerage passenger.
Smith, John. Probably John Alexander (1813-89).
Stokes, Robert (1810-80) MPC for Wellington City.
Storah, William (1844-1924).
Stuart, Archibald Paisley (d. 1897).
Symington, Mr. A passenger for Lyttleton. Possibly Robert of Christchurch.
Utting, Edwin Orriss (1843-70) Reporter for the New Zealander.
Ward, Crosbie (1832-67) Postmaster General, Secretary for Crown Lands, MHR and MPC for Lyttelton.
Williamson, James (1814-88) MHR for Auckland City West, President of the Bank of New Zealand.
Williamson, John (1815-75) MHR for Auckland City West. Superintendent of Auckland Province.
Wright, Edward George (1831-1902) Director of Public Works for Hawke’s Bay Provincial Council.
Wood, Mary Jane (d. 1898) Wife of Reader Gilson Wood.
Wood, Reader Gilson (1821-95) Colonial Treasurer, Commissioner of Customs, MHR for Parnell.
Wood, Tom. Son of R.G. and Mary Wood.